Responding to new challenges: gambling, eSports and social media

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) is today carrying out two important initiatives as part of its ongoing commitment to ensure gambling advertising remains responsible.

First, CAP is updating the Gambling Commission on its progress in responding to GambleAware’s research on the impact of gambling advertising in the UK.

Second, CAP is setting out the comprehensive work it has undertaken around eSports betting marketing in social media. This has helped it better understand what this emerging area for gambling advertising policy means in terms of CAP’s remit and will help it make sure there are no regulatory gaps in consumer protection.

As part of this work, CAP is issuing an Advice Notice to GB-licensed gambling operators making clear that eSports betting-related advertising must comply with rules that also apply to other forms of gambling advertising. It is providing guidance for gambling operators on how to stay within the advertising rules when creating marketing for gambling on eSports on social media.

CAP will report fully on its response to the GambleAware synthesis report in the autumn. In the meantime, it will continue to monitor and take action around gambling advertising where it identifies compliance problems including through further use of ad tech to identify non-compliant ads. It will also remain in step with the latest evidence so that there is ongoing protection for vulnerable groups from potential harm.

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