Following public consultation, CAP and BCAP have introduced rules prohibiting the sexual portrayal or sexual representation of under-18s, and those who appear to be under 18, in advertising. These rules will take effect from 2 January 2018.

CAP and BCAP consider that premature sexualisation and its links to harm, when considered alongside national and international measures prohibiting certain types of sexual depiction of under-18s, mean that the new rules are a necessary and proportionate strengthening of existing rules to protect the welfare of under-18s. The rules acknowledge the potential for some adults to view under-18s in general as sexual beings or the potential for under-18s to be pressurised to view themselves as sexual beings. They are also concerned with the protection of the individual models featured in advertising.

Supporting documents:

Sexual portrayal of under-18s in advertising evaluation table Sexual portrayal of under-18s in advertising regulatory statement Sexual portrayal of under-18s in advertising consultation responses


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