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  • Recognising ads: Advertisement features

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    this as “an advertisement feature, announcement or promotion, the content of which is … written, the resulting article would not be considered an advertisement feature if the company had not … an advertorial is an ad Advertisement features are usually designed to resemble the editorial

  • Guidance on the remit, presentation and content of advertisement features

    • Advertising guidance

    Guidance for marketers and publishers involved in the creation of advertisement features. Clear

    Regardless of whether you call them advertisement features, advertorials, advertisement promotions … or publisher’s promotions, the appeal of advertisement features is that they allow marketers … what constitutes an advertisement feature under the CAP Code and who bears responsibility for them

  • UK Direct Shop Ltd

    • Ruling
    • Upheld
    • 11 April 2018

    An advertisement feature in the national press for a product called FLX Knee, seen on 7 October

  • World Trade Consortium Etna

    • Ruling
    • Upheld
    • 31 May 2017

    "Advertisement feature" for the first six seconds. The ad featured a number of different segments about various different Italian-based beauty-related products. The segments included interviews with members of the public, a beauty and make-up expert, a store manager and an Italian manufacturer. After approximately every 80 seconds, the on-screen text "Advertisement feature" appeared for around five seconds. During the middle of the ad, the sponsorship credits re-appeared, followed by the London Live logo and music. There then followed a traditional ad-break including a number of traditional short third-party ads and a promotion for a London Live TV programme, before the sponsorship credits again. After 27 minutes, the ad ended with closing credits.b. The second ad, which was seen at 8:30pm, followed the same structure as the first ad with a focus on footwear. It also contained an opening title sequence, closing credits, a traditional ad-break in the middle of the ad and what appeared to be sponsorship credits at the beginning. During approximately every 80 seconds, the ad featured on-screen text which stated "advertisement feature".The EPG (electronic programme guide) listing for both ads stated "Skilled artisanship with exceptional cultural heritage, IT Factor showcases Italian influence on London from fashion to cutting-edge technology, the aroma of our coffee & icons of design. Ad feature".

    irrelevant.London Live stated that the on-screen text "advertisement feature" appeared in large … advertising.We noted that on-screen text which stated "advertisement feature" appeared intermittently … text "advertisement feature" only appeared intermittently throughout the ads in a faint

  • Recognising marketing communications: Overview

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    advertisement feature” or similar (rule 2.4). For more information see 'Advertisementfeatures'.Take care when using new technologiesWhen seeking to market via new technologies it’s

  • Remit: Press releases and PR

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    ‘advertorial’. Please see our detailed guidance on ‘Advertisement features’ for

  • Remit: Sponsorship

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    ‘Recognising ads: Advertisement features’).  Such content is, however, still likely to fall

  • Recognising ads: Native advertising

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    Advertisement Feature” or similar are likely to be acceptable ways of labelling advertorials. A website … Ltd t/a MadBid, 19 March 2014). Please see our detailed guidance on ‘Advertisement features’ for … , 'CAP Panels', ‘Recognising ads: Advertisement features’, ‘Video blogs

  • Recognising ads: Social media

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    advertorials and part III (subsection k.) defines this as “an advertisement feature, announcement … ads: Advertisement features’. Our advice on ‘Video blogs: Scenarios’ also gives … ”, "Recognising ads: Advertisement features”, "Recognising ads: Blogs and vlogs

  • Recognising ads: Blogs and vlogs

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    advertorials and part III (subsection k.) defines this as “an advertisement feature, announcement … ads: Advertisement features’. Our advice on ‘Video blogs: Scenarios’ also gives

  • Video blogs: Scenarios

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    a monetary payment or free items) then it is an advertisement feature and must be labelled as such … “advertisement feature” as an appropriate label. The ASA hasn’t ruled on what would be an … more information see the guidance on Video blogs: Advertisement features. 3. Commercial breaks

  • Remit: Social media

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    , vlog, tweet, post or other channel-specific format (See ‘Advertisement features’ and … . See also ‘Remit: Own websites’, ‘Advertisement features’, ‘Vlogs

  • Video games and films

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    , even if a weapon is shown pointing away from the reader, advertisements featuring prominent shots of

  • Online Affiliate Marketing

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    ‘Recognising ads: Advertisement Features’, ‘Video blogs: Scenarios’ and ‘Remit: Social

  • Remit: Own websites

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    contain affiliate marketing (See ‘Advertisement Features’ and ‘Remit: Affiliate

  • Hidden ads risk killing native, not the ASA

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    prepared to accept words like “advertisement feature” to disclose native advertising, he … putting the words “advertisement” or “advertising feature” [there’s

  • Advertising and Vlogs. Same rules. Same principles. New guidance.

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    more information please see this guidance about advertisement features. If something is an … by stating “advertisement feature” or similar at the top of an article. Be aware of

  • No.1 Watson Street

    • Ruling
    • Upheld
    • 24 May 2017

    advertisement feature by labelling it “Promotion” at the top right-hand side of the article. UpheldWe noted

  • Cloudstix.com Ltd

    • Ruling
    • Not Upheld
    • 12 December 2018

    -cigarettes or their components. They said they were also very careful to ensure that the advertisersfeatured in ads on their website were only general vendors of products, and that their ads did not contain

  • Avoiding own goals and red cards – advertising around the World Cup

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    to bear in mind any religious sensitivities, as two advertisers featuring the statue of Christ the