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  • Remit: General

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    detail in full all of the types of marketing that the Code covers so this advice and other related remit … takes a pragmatic approach about what is and is not within its remit, but the question of whether … third-party advertisers, the ASA might consider those ads in remit. For example, if a train company

  • Remit: Sponsorship

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    Trading Standards.  See also ‘Remit: General’.

  • Remit: Advergames

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    transfer of goods, services, opportunities and gifts (See ‘Remit: Own websites’). To date … online remit, a football game on Mousebreaker, a free games website, which re-directed players to a … remit because the ASA understood that the advertiser had paid for the link and it was therefore

  • Use of under-16s as brand ambassadors and in peer-to-peer marketing

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    material that falls within CAP’s remit and the steps advertisers and publishers should take to … necessary for us to do so. Remit CAP recognises that there are legitimate and serious concerns … child influencers. However, it is not within the remit of the CAP Code to prohibit or impose

  • Remit: Advertisement features

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    The ASA regulates many different types of advertising, both online and offline (see ‘Remit … ‘controlled’ by a marketer, the ASA considers it within their remit and the CAP Code in its entirety … remember that consumer protection legislation ranges wider than activities which fall within the remit of

  • Remit: Social media

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    remember that the CAP Code necessarily excludes material in ‘foreign media’ (See ‘Remit … Code. Further guidance on this can be found in our advice on ‘Remit: Advertisement features … March 2023).  Further guidance on this can be found in our advice on ‘Remit: Own

  • Remit: Country of origin

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    and consumers in multiple countries, not all online ads will fall within the ASA’s remit … unable to take action What types of online ads are in the ASA’s remit? Non-paid-for … ASA’s remit, explained below.) When assessing whether ads in non-paid-for spaces are regulated

  • Remit: Own websites

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    -paid-for space online under their control (See ‘Remit: Social media’), but this … material in ‘foreign media’ (See ‘Remit: Country of origin’). Aside from … direct solicitation of donations. ASA rulings don’t often examine issues of remit in any

  • Remit: Point of sale

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    ’ board continually parked in a field), the ASA could potentially consider it within remit … advertisers, the ASA might consider those ads in remit. For example, if a train company places their … , carrier bags and business cards remain within the scope of the Code. See also ‘Remit: General

  • Remit: Viral advertising

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    offend. Since the ASA’s remit was extended to include advertising on a company’s own … explicitly covered by the CAP Code in any event (See ‘Remit: Own websites’ and … ‘Remit: Social media’). As an example, a website headed “STOP the BROADBAND CON!” that

  • Remit: Private correspondence

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    also ‘Remit: General’ Updated 5 December 2016

  • Remit: Products and packaging

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    presentation of the ‘pack shot’ and any claims that are visible will fall within remit … were considered to have been drawn into the remit of the Code by virtue of them being advertised in … ” included in product listing on the Amazon website was also considered to be within the remit of

  • Remit: Press releases and PR

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    of the Code, then that material will likely be covered by the Code. See also ‘Remit: General’ & ‘Remit: Own websites’

  • Remit: Official notices or information

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    are not already receiving, remain within remit whether in ‘paid for advertising space … direct solicitation of donations (see ‘Remit: Cause or idea marketing’). See also … ‘Remit: General’ & ‘Remit: Own websites’ Updated 5 December 2016

  • Remit: Cause or idea marketing

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    “Political Advertising”). Such communications would be brought back within the remit of the Code … page would not necessarily bring an entire website within the remit of the Code. It would very much … , services, opportunities or gifts (see 'Remit: Own websites'). A website which sought to raise

  • Panel's remit extension strengthens consumer voice

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    extend the remit of the Advertising Advisory Committee (AAC). The AAC will now provide advice on non … Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) requested Ofcom facilitate the extension of the remit of the AAC as … advertising issues. Extending the remit of the AAC enables it to provide a consumer perspective on

  • Remit: Search engines and price comparison websites

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    provide could potentially be considered within remit (See ‘Remit: Own websites’). Updated 28 September 2016

  • Online remit extension: Five years on

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    In March 2011 our online remit was extended to cover claims on company websites and in social media

    online remit to cover marketing claims on company websites and in other third party space under their … to the rules. But why did our remit need extending, what has it meant in terms of our workload and … complaints One immediate impact of our remit extension was the significant increase in our workload. In

  • The Online Remit Extension: Practical guidance

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    We look at the tests the ASA Council apply when determining whether an online communications fall within remit.

    activities.” This phrase brings within the online remit material which can properly be … of the communication is to sell something and therefore whether it falls within the remit of the CAP … ‘ideas’ communications, do not fall within the non-paid-for online remit of the Code, unless they