Advertisements are acceptable, subject to rule 10.1.5: Prostitution and Sexual Massage and rule 10.2: Indirect Promotion. Broadcasters should take care to comply with Section 1: Compliance – in particular rule 1.2 on social responsibility and Section 4: Harm and Offence. Services operating through premium-rate telephone and text services are subject to Section 22: Premium-rate Telephone Services and the Phone-paid Services Authority code.

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Radio Central Copy Clearance – Radio broadcasters must ensure advertisements for an introduction or dating agency are centrally cleared.


All claims relating to matching require substantiation.


Advertisements must not dwell excessively on loneliness or suggest that people without a partner are inadequate.


Broadcasters must satisfy themselves that advertisers give customers clear advice on precautions to take when meeting people through an advertisement for an introduction or dating agency.


Advertisements for an introduction or dating agency must not have particular appeal to people under 18. See Section 32: Scheduling.

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