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Step 1

Welcome to our online complaints form.

Please check what types of ads we regulate before submitting your complaint online.

This form will ask you for information about the ad you’re complaining about, such as the name of the company or organisation; the product or service being advertised and where you saw it. If you have a copy of the ad, please have it ready to attach to the form.

Providing us with as much information as possible will help us handle your complaint quicker.

If you wish to complain in writing, our postal address and fax number are available on the Contact us section.

Important: recent change to our remit

As of 14 October, we will no longer be regulating claims in ads which are concerned with causes or ideas (e.g. marketing content for charities or campaigning groups), unless those ads appear in paid-for space. This means that we cannot consider complaints about the content of emails, leaflets, mailings, SMS text messages and the like. We will, however, continue to regulate all ads for causes or ideas where there’s an explicit call for donations in the ad, irrespective of where it appears. It’s worth pointing out that this change only applies to ads appearing in non-broadcast media such as those mentioned above.

Dealing with complaints - FAQs

We work hard to ensure our complaints procedures are transparent. Here we answer some commonly asked questions about how we handle complaints.

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