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  • Copycat websites

    Following a number of complaints about the misleading nature of some of these sites we’ve been taking action to ensure their ads are clear and up-front.

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    Copycat websites
  • Taking a firm line - ASA rulings on Botox ads

    We’ve published two key rulings that set a clear precedent on what is permissible when making references to Botox in ads.

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  • In the news: Payday loan ads

    Concerns about payday loan providers have been a hot topic recently.

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  • Protecting children and young people

    The protection of children sits at the heart of our work. We make sure that ads targeted at or likely to be seen by children don't contain anything that is inappropriate or harmful.


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  • New ASA Council Members Appointed

    ASA Chairman, Lord Smith has announced the appointment of three new independent, lay Council members, Shireen Peermohamed, Kate Bee and Sam Younger CBE.

  • Job Hunting: Looking for a genuine opportunity?

    Job ads are a quick and easy way to help us look out for roles that might be suitable. It’s crucial then that ads are truthful about the job and deal with would-be-applicants fairly.

  • You've Got (Unwanted) Mail

    We receive a number of complaints each year about ‘unsolicited’ ads received by email, text or mail. We help by contacting the companies responsible to have your details removed so that you no longer receive these ads.

Non-compliant online advertisers

Check the list of online advertisers who remain in breach of our rulings.