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Panel of experts in dertmatology to be launched

15 December 2011

The ASA, Clearcast, and the RACC launch a panel of experts in the field of dermatology

A new panel of dermatological experts advising ASA, Clearcast and the RACC will start work on 3 January 2012.

The common panel of experts will provide advice on the adequacy of evidence supporting claims in ads both before an ad appears and afterwards if the claims are challenged.

The initiative is designed to address some areas of disagreement between experts advising the different bodies. These disagreements have resulted in some, primarily TV, ads being found to be misleading by the ASA, when they had been assessed and accepted by the clearance bodies’ and their own experts.

The establishment of the panel of experts is also intended to:

  • Reduce disagreement between experts over acceptable standards of evidence.
  • Increase certainty for advertisers.
  • Increase consumer confidence in advertising claims in the beauty sector.
  • Provide consistency between experts through establishing protocols on how scientific evidence for advertising claims should be assessed.
  • Provide transparency by outlining the criteria and basis on which expertise is sought.

It is envisaged that all parties will seek to use this resource without bias as far as possible. However, it is recognised that there are operational reasons that may govern the choice of an expert in some circumstances.

Although the intention is to increase consistency, this new procedure will not prevent the ASA from looking into complaints it receives about advertisements and removing claims that it finds in breach of the Advertising Codes.

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To find out more about the panel of dermatological experts, visit our experts page.

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