Please see below terms and conditions for our training and events:

1. Charges

Type of event Cost
Advice:AM Online payment £180.00 (£150.00 + VAT @20%)     
Invoice payment £210.00 (£175.00 + VAT @20%)
Group and charity discounts (see 2. below)

Online payment £390.00 (£325.00 + VAT @20%)
Invoice payment £420.00 (£350.00 + VAT @20%)

Group and charity discounts (see 2. below)

Industry speaker requests London £900 (£750 + VAT @20%)
Outside London or overseas £900 (£750 + VAT @20%) plus standard travel and accommodation
Bespoke seminars

Bespoke training can either run in person or virtually. 
These sessions are priced at £4200.00 (£3500.00 + VAT @20%)

Outside London or overseas £4200.00 (£3500.00 + VAT @20%) plus standard travel and accomodation

2. Groups and discounts 

We offer a discount for group bookings attending Advice:AM or Advice:Weekly seminars: 4-24 delegates from a single organisation receive 25% off and 25 or more delegates from a single organisation receive 50% off. All delegates must be attending the same event.

We also offer a 20% discount for registered charities attending Advice:AM or Advice:Weekly seminars, to claim the discount charities should email [email protected]. All delegates must be attending the same event. 

3. Travel and accommodation 

Where travel and accommodation are necessary, this must be paid for by the event organisers. 

London refers to zones 1-4. 

4. Overseas visitors and visas 

We do not provide any assistance for visa applications. These must be arranged independently. We do not provide travel or accommodation support. 

5. Booking and payment 

5.1 Online payments: online payment is only available for Advice:AM and Advice:Weekly courses. We accept all major credit and debit cards. 

5.2 Invoices: if you are unable to pay online for an Advice:AM or Advice:Weekly course or based outside of the UK, then you may request an invoice using our invoice request form. 

All other speaker/event fees must be paid by invoice. We do not have the facility to take credit/debit card payments over the phone. We will issue an invoice when we make arrangements to meet your request. 

5.3 All seminar/speaker and event fees must be paid in full prior to the date of the event. 

5.4 Confirmation of booking and payment will be made via email. 

5.5 For Advice:AM or Advice:Weekly courses, if you have still not received confirmation of your booking the day before the event you should call 020 7492 2126 to confirm your place. 

6. Cancellations 

6.1 All cancellations must be made in writing (email, letter, or fax). 

6.2 If a booking is cancelled within 14 days of the event, the fee will be payable in full and not refundable. 

6.3 Cancellations made in writing more than 14 days before the event will receive a refund minus 15% for administration. 

6.4 The ASA reserves the right to cancel, alter or reschedule any event. Should this occur you will be offered a full refund of your fee.