Note: This advice is given by the CAP Executive about non-broadcast advertising. It does not constitute legal advice. It does not bind CAP, CAP advisory panels or the Advertising Standards Authority.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, also known as Physical Therapy, is the physical approach to promote, maintain and restore physical health.

Physiotherapists are regulated by statute and therefore claims to treat serious medical conditions are likely to be acceptable provided robust evidence is held to support the claims about the efficacy of treatment.

What medical conditions can physiotherapists claim to treat?

The ASA and CAP are likely to accept marketing claims that physiotherapists can treat:

aches and pains (general)
arthritic pain
back pain
circulatory problems
digestion problems
joint pains
muscle spasms
minor sports injuries

Which medical conditions can physiotherapists not claim to treat?

 Claims that physiotherapy techniques can be used to help with or treat other symptoms or medical conditions are only accepable if supported by documentary evidence, most likely in the form of clinical trials (rule 12.1). 

See: CAP Guidance on Substantiation for health beauty and slimming claims. 

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