The Government has today announced its response to the ‘Keogh Review’ into cosmetic interventions. In relation to the advertising of cosmetic procedures the Review recognised that the strict UK Advertising Codes already require ads to be responsible and that the work of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) provides protection to consumers.

CAP, BCAP and the ASA engaged fully with the Keogh Review, which was commissioned by the Department of Health and sought to address concerns about standards for cosmetic surgery. It also drew attention to cases of misleading and inappropriate advertising practice.

Although the ASA receives relatively few complaints about ads for cosmetic surgery, and takes action to remove problematic ads that appear, our focus is on helping advertisers ensure their ads are prepared in a socially responsible way and do not contain anything likely to be misleading, inappropriate or harmful.

A recommendation in the Keogh Review was for CAP to extend its guidance note on cosmetic surgery advertising to cover non-surgical cosmetic procedures. We’ve already done so. Our Help Note on ‘Surgical and Non-surgical Cosmetic Interventions’ now includes advice on before and after photographs, production techniques, prescription-only-medicines (POMs), Botox, Sales Promotions, endorsements and testimonials, responsibility and targeting. This will help industry interpret the relevant sections of the Advertising Codes and help the ASA Council when considering future complaints about ads for cosmetic intervention.

Read the updated Help Note on Cosmetic Interventions.

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