ASA x Instagram - partnering with creators to raise awareness of the ASA system

We’re delighted to announce that the ASA has partnered with Instagram and five content creators to publish a series of new videos, aimed at sharing key aspects of the rules that all UK advertisers must follow.

Each video in this series focuses on one theme, such as clearly disclosing ads, avoiding misleading messaging, or being upfront about the price of good or services.

We’re committed to ensuring that all ads are legal, decent, honest, and truthful, and an important part of that ambition is making sure that advertisers know what the rules are, and how to follow them.

The ASA has regulated claims on social media for over a decade. These videos will help us raise awareness among creators and businesses that may not otherwise know about the ASA and our work, which is a crucial part of our new five-year strategy, AI-assisted, Collective Ad Regulation. By following our rules, influencers can play their part in keeping advertising is legal, decent, honest and truthful. These videos also help inform people who follow content creators of the ad rules that are in place and the expectations they should have around being treated fairly and not being misled.

We would like to thank the content creators, @thatswatson, @yourboymoyo, @fatstimbo, @simplysayo, and @shesnotfunny, for their creativity in helping bring the ad rules to a new and wider audience.

Donna Castle, Director of Communications & Marketing

“These videos will help raise awareness of the ASA system and the rules that all UK ads must follow. We’re grateful to Meta and all the content creators for their help in bringing this initiative to life in such a creative and engaging way. It’s crucial that all advertisers, including those online, follow the rules that keep people safe and prevent them from being misled.”

Nick Baughan, Meta’s Director of Business Partners UK and Ireland, said:

“Meta is committed to ensuring the people advertising on our platforms do so responsibly. We have a long standing partnership with the ASA and this new campaign will help not only the creators and advertisers on our platforms, but will benefit the communities using them.’’

Here are the videos:






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