CAP has updated the finance sections of the BCAP and CAP Codes. The changes have been made in response to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) being split, on 1st April 2013, into two new regulators: the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA); the former inheriting responsibility from the FSA for all of the financial promotions-related regulations referred to in Section 14 of the Codes. The Codes have been amended to:

• reflect the fact that the functions of the FSA have now been split between the FCA and PRA, by replacing all references to “the FSA” with “the FCA” (references to the PRA are not needed, as it will not be responsible for any of the regulations referred to in Section 14 of the Codes);

• reflect changes in the legislation since the Code was drafted, including, for example, the enactment of the Consumer Credit (Advertisement) Regulations 2010, which largely replace the Consumer Credit (Advertisements) Regulations 2004 (as amended); and

• make general stylistic changes.

Non-broadcast section 14 Financial products

Broadcast section 14 Financial products, services and investments

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