New online training on the motoring advertising rules

Created by the advertising experts who write the rules, this online training module provides in-depth look at the motoring section of the Advertising Codes.  

Motoring and Vehicle Advertising also offers tips on how to avoid common issues such as pricing promotions and misleading claims.

What does the module cover?

  • Misleading claims and omissions - This section focuses on potentially misleading claims and omissions, including issues around advertising claims about fuel emissions and efficiency.
  • Pricing and promotions - This section covers the requirements around pricing and promotional marketing in relation to motor vehicles including "from” prices, additional charges and savings claims.
  • The motoring rules - This section explores the rules in ‘Motoring’ sections of the Advertising Codes and covers depictions of speed, irresponsible driving styles and the Highway Code.

For more information on the module, visit our eLearning site.

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