The CAP Compliance team is concerned at this advertiser’s apparent disregard for the Code and asks publishers and direct marketing members to consult the CAP Copy Advice team before publishing food supplement ads or ads for health-related devices and products by Greenwood Group Ltd t/a Health Solutions.

Ad Alerts

The vast majority of marketers comply with the CAP Code. For the small number who are unable or unwilling to do so, it’s important that the effectiveness and integrity of the self-regulatory system is upheld through recourse to sanctions, by compelling a non-compliant marketer to take the necessary corrective action.

One of CAP’s most effective sanctions is issuing Ad Alerts to its direct marketing and publisher members, as appropriate. These alerts advise members of individual marketers’ non-compliance, as well as of wider sectoral issues. The Alert asks members to withhold ad space until CAP confirms that the copy/images comply with the Code.

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