In 2022, the UK Government introduced legislation amending the Communications Act 2003 to place additional restrictions on certain food and drink advertising. The aim was to build on the existing framework of rules to increase protections further mitigating the effects of advertising on children’s dietary choices.

In recognition of public health concerns over children’s diet and health, there have been restrictions on the advertising of high fat, salt or sugar (“HFSS”) food or drink products since 2007. Amendments to the Communications Act 2003, place further restrictions on a sub-set of HFSS products categorised in legislation as “less healthy” food and drink products.

This consultation closes at 5:00pm 7 February 2024. 

This document should be read in conjunction with the attached Annexes. 

Annex A - Proposed Guidance

Annex B - Proposed BCAP code changes

Annex C - Proposed CAP code changes

Annex D - Proposed Amendments to the HFSS branding guidance

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