This consultation sought to ensure consistent cross-media rules on the advertising of post-conception advice services (PCAS).  It This consultation sought to address misunderstandings which arose from the proposals made in the previous Code Review.

Prior to this consultation, charitable PCAS were permitted to advertise on TV, subject to certain restrictions.  There was a prohibition on commercial PCAS offering individual advice on personal or consumer problems in TV advertisements. Both commercial and charitable family planning centres could advertise on radio if they had appropriate local authority or NHS approval.

BCAP noted that non NHS-accredited organisations might not refer women for terminations.  BCAP considered that there were strong public-health grounds for ensuring that advertisements for these services did not mislead about the service they offered.  BCAP published a new rule to require PCAS to make clear if they would not offer advice on referring women for a termination.

Supporting documents:

  BCAP PCAS consultation QA.pdf  
  PCAS evaluation table Individuals.pdf  
  PCAS evaluation table Organisations.pdf  
  BCAP Consultation on PCAS.pdf

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