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  • Remit: General

    • Advice online

    detail in full all of the types of marketing that the Code covers so this advice and other related remit … takes a pragmatic approach about what is and is not within its remit, but the question of whether … third-party advertisers, the ASA might consider those ads in remit. For example, if a train company

  • Remit: Sponsorship

    • Advice online

    Trading Standards.  See also ‘Remit: General’.

  • Remit: Advergames

    • Advice online

    transfer of goods, services, opportunities and gifts (See ‘Remit: Own websites’). To date … online remit, a football game on Mousebreaker, a free games website, which re-directed players to a … remit because the ASA understood that the advertiser had paid for the link and it was therefore

  • Remit: Own websites

    • Advice online

    -paid-for space online under their control (See ‘Remit: Social media’), but this … material in ‘foreign media’ (See ‘Remit: Country of origin’). Aside from … direct solicitation of donations. ASA rulings don’t often examine issues of remit in any

  • Remit: Point of sale

    • Advice online

    ’ board continually parked in a field), the ASA could potentially consider it within remit. Also … advertisers, the ASA might consider those ads in remit. For example, if a train company places their … , carrier bags and business cards remain within the scope of the Code. See also ‘Remit: General

  • Remit: Viral advertising

    • Advice online

    offend. Since the ASA’s remit was extended to include advertising on a company’s own … explicitly covered by the CAP Code in any event (See ‘Remit: Own websites’ and … ‘Remit: Social media’). As an example, a website headed “STOP the BROADBAND CON!” that

  • Remit: Private correspondence

    • Advice online

    also ‘Remit: General’ Updated 5 December 2016

  • Remit: Products and packaging

    • Advice online

    presentation of the ‘pack shot’ and any claims that are visible will fall within remit … were considered to have been drawn into the remit of the Code by virtue of them being advertised in … ” included in product listing on the Amazon website was also considered to be within the remit of

  • Remit: Country of origin

    • Advice online

    handed out to UK consumers at an exhibition held in the UK was considered to fall within the remit

  • Remit: Social media

    • Advice online

    in ‘foreign media’ (See ‘Remit: Country of origin’). Marketers should … , services, opportunities or gifts or a direct solicitation of donations (See ‘Remit: Own websites … within the ASA’s remit. A tweet that stated "#TheMasters has started! #yippee" and

  • Remit: Press releases and PR

    • Advice online

    of the Code, then that material will likely be covered by the Code. See also ‘Remit: General’ & ‘Remit: Own websites’

  • Remit: Official notices or information

    • Advice online

    already receiving, remain within remit whether in ‘paid for advertising space’ or not … solicitation of donations (see ‘Remit: Cause or idea marketing’). See also ‘Remit … : General’ & ‘Remit: Own websites’ Updated 5 December 2016

  • Remit: Cause or idea marketing

    • Advice online

    “Political Advertising”). Such communications would be brought back within the remit of the Code … page would not necessarily bring an entire website within the remit of the Code. It would very much … , services, opportunities or gifts (see 'Remit: Own websites'). A website which sought to raise

  • Remit: Search engines and price comparison websites

    • Advice online

    provide could potentially be considered within remit (See ‘Remit: Own websites’). Updated 28 September 2016

  • Remit: Health-related claims addressed to medical practitioners

    • Advice online

    of the ASA’s remit. However, a price comparison made in the same ad is unlikely to be

  • Remit: Video on demand (VOD) and music streaming services

    • Advice online

    . sponsorship 'idents') is likewise regulated by Ofcom. See also ‘Remit: General

  • Remit: Classified ads and third party retail platforms

    • Advice online

    advertisers, or indeed to consumers, are likely to be considered within remit (see ‘Remit: Own websites’).Updated 28 September 2016

  • Extending the digital remit of the CAP Code

    • Research / Report / Survey

    CAP announces the extension of remit of its Code to cover marketers’ own websites and non-paid-for space under their control online.

    online under their control.  In this document, CAP announced the extension of the remit of its Code … that made that possible.  Extending the remit of the CAP Code to marketers’ own websites … , CAP would consider comments from all stakeholders on its extension of remit. The document