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SanctionsThe vast majority of advertisers and broadcasters comply with ASA rulings, however for the small minority who don’t, there are consequences. Our main aim is to bring about compliance with the Advertising Codes, rather than punish advertisers. However, some of the sanctions at our disposal can be very detrimental to those who choose not to comply.

One of the most persuasive is bad publicity – an advertiser’s reputation can be badly damaged if it is seen to be flouting the rules designed to protect consumers.

  • Broadcast 


    UK-licensed broadcasters are required to comply with ASA rulings and the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising as part of their license conditions.

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  • Non broadcast 


    We can require the amendment or withdrawal of an ad that doesn’t comply with the Code and has a wide range of sanctions to help bring an advertiser into compliance.

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  • Online 


    As well as the sanctions that apply to non-broadcast advertising, we have a range of additional sanctions specifically developed for the online space.

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  • Video on demand


    We are able to refer VOD media providers to Ofcom, if they contravene certain aspects of the Code and if they refuse to work with us.

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How to comply with the rules

For advice and training on the Advertising Codes please visit the CAP website..

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Non-compliant online advertisers

Check the list of online advertisers who remain in breach of our rulings.