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Online sanctions

OnlineIn addition to the non-broadcast options, CAP has further sanctions that can be invoked to help ensure marketers’ claims on their own websites, or in other non-paid-for space under their control, comply with the Codes.

CAP can ask internet search websites to remove a marketer’s paid-for search advertisements when those advertisements link to a page on the marketer’s website that hosts non-compliant marketing communications.

Marketers may face adverse publicity if they cannot or will not amend non-compliant marketing communications on their own websites or in other non-paid-for space online under their control. Their name and non-compliance may be featured on a dedicated section of the ASA website and, if necessary, in an ASA advertisement appearing on an appropriate page of an internet search website.

Visit the non-compliant online advertisers page.

View examples of ASA online sanctions here on the CAP site (opens in a new window).

Click here to read the other non-broadcast options which are also available to CAP for online advertising.

These include referral to other bodies for the further action, such as Trading Standards or Ofcom for misleading or unfair advertising.

See our Trading Standards enforcement leaflet for examples of the sanctions available to our legal backstop, Trading Standards.

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How to comply with the rules

For advice and training on the Advertising Codes please visit the CAP website..

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Non-compliant online advertisers

Check the list of online advertisers who remain in breach of our rulings.