Complain about a decision of the ASA Council

If you want to complain about a decision of the ASA Council (either a final ruling or a decision of the Council to not investigate your complaint) you should direct your concerns to the Independent Reviewer of ASA Council Rulings, Sir Hayden Phillips. 

Continue reading for more information and to find out if you are eligible.   

Making a complaint under the ASA’s service complaints procedure

If you are unhappy about any other aspect of the service you have received from the ASA, or are not eligible to apply to the Independent Reviewer, you can contact us and we will consider your complaint under our own service complaints procedure. We will try to address your concerns, learn from any mistakes and improve the service that we offer.  

In the first instance you should explain your concerns to the member of staff you have been dealing with, or their line manager, and they will try to resolve the issue. If you contact the Chief Executive or any other member of ASA staff at this stage, they are likely to forward your complaint to the member of staff you have been dealing with for consideration and response under the terms of this policy. We will be able to deal with your concerns much more quickly if you contact the appropriate member of staff in this way.

We will accept complaints under this procedure if they are made within 21 days of notification of an ASA decision, or the last substantial contact with a member of ASA staff, or the date of the incident about which you have concerns.  We will not usually accept complaints made outside of this timeframe.

When you contact us, you should make clear why you are unhappy and provide examples of the failures that you believe you have identified. You should also let us know how you feel we can resolve those problems.

You can contact the ASA employee you have been dealing with using their phone number or email address which appears on their correspondence, or you can write to them via the postal address in the footer below.

The member of staff will usually acknowledge receipt of your complaint within five working days. If they are able to, they will address your concerns and put right anything we have done wrong as quickly as possible. In normal circumstances you can expect a reply to your complaint within 15 working days. If we are unable to respond within that time we will let you know.

If the member of staff is unable to resolve your complaint satisfactorily, you can ask for it to be escalated to a senior member of staff.  The senior member of staff will reply to you within 15 working days following notification to them of the issue, or let you know if they anticipate the issue taking longer to resolve. Please note that there is no further route of appeal following the conclusion of correspondence with the senior member of staff.

Recording service complaints

We will record details of complaints on our case management database. The member of staff dealing with the complaint will be responsible for maintaining those records.