Our team of knowledgeable and experienced advisers can offer an informed view of the likely acceptability of your non-broadcast marketing communications under the CAP Code. All of our advisers are well-versed in the complexities of the CAP Code and how it's likely to be interpreted by the ASA. They keep abreast of complaints made to the ASA and the watchdog’s subsequent decisions, whether or not the ASA Council upheld the complaint. 

Contact our Copy Advice Team on 020 7492 2100, between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday for general advice about the CAP Code.

For more detailed advice, please submit an enquiry to them in writing here

Although it is given by the team in good faith, their advice is not binding on the ASA or CAP and our advisors do not give legal advice.
  • James Craig

    James Craig

    Copy Advice Manager

    James took over as Operations Manager for Copy Advice in June 2021. His team provides advertisers, agencies and media owners with free and confidential advice, giving an informed view of the likely acceptability of non-broadcast marketing communications under the CAP Code.

    James studied law, and worked in legal and public affairs for an organisation representing the intellectual property rights of software publishers, before joining CAP as a Copy Advice Executive in 2009. Since then, he has worked in CAP’s Regulatory Policy Team from 2013, and as Senior Executive from 2018.

  • Emily Gent

    Emily Gent

    Senior Copy Advice Executive

    Emily studied Politics at the University of Bristol. She worked in the public and charitable sectors before joining the ASA's Complaints team in 2014, moving to the Copy Advice team in 2016. She became the team's Senior Executive in 2019.

  • Janet Taylor

    Janet Taylor

    Copy Advice Executive

    Janet studied Communication Processes at the University of Humberside. She worked as a Case Officer for the premium rate regulator PhonepayPlus (now the Phone-paid Services Authority) for nine years and joined the Copy Advice team in 2015 after spending six years working for the ASA’s Investigations team.

  • Justin Davis

    Justin Davis

    Copy Advice Executive

    Justin studied Social and Cultural Theory at the University of Bristol before working in the public and private sector. He joined the ASA as a Complaints Executive in 2012, moving to the Copy Advice team three years later.

  • David Elwis

    David Elwis

    Copy Advice Executive

    David joined the Copy Advice Team in November 2017. Prior to joining the team he spent 11 years working at the Financial Ombudsman Service in a variety of roles, including as a trainer and an investigator.

  • Sophie Marchant

    Sophie Marchant

    Copy Advice Executive

    Sophie studied English Literature at Brunel University before working at the Financial Ombudsman Service for six years. She joined the ASA Complaints team in 2016 before becoming a Copy Advice Executive in November 2017.

  • Sam Wilson

    Sam Wilson

    Copy Advice Executive

    Sam studied three-dimensional and spatial design before joining the ASA in 2008, first in the Complaints Reception team and then as a Complaints Executive. He moved over to CAP’s Compliance team in 2015, before joining the Copy Advice team in September 2019.