Today CAP published new guidance on the placement of ads in video-on-demand services. The guidance will help regulated on-demand service providers comply with their responsibilities under the CAP Code to ensure that ads are not placed irresponsibly.

On-demand services, such as ITV Player, 4oD and Sky Go, provide viewers with access to a range of programmes that they can choose to watch whenever they want. Programming is usually accompanied by ads, either around or during the content. As programming can be watched at any time, there is a risk that the placement of ads featuring certain themes might cause harm to children, serious or widespread offence to audiences in general, or be social irresponsible.

The guidance includes a variety of steps that on-demand service providers can take to identify potentially problematic ad content and ensure that it is placed away from audiences for which it is likely to be unsuitable.

CAP has worked with the ATVOD Industry Forum, a key body representing on-demand service providers, to draw up the guidance.

The new guidance, which is available within the Help Note section of our website, comes into effect from today.

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