New online training on the social media advertising rules

We’ve launched Social Media, a new CAP eLearning module that explains how the CAP Code applies to social media.

Created by the advertising experts who write the rules, this online training module explains which types of social media posts are likely to be covered by the advertising rules, and why. 

From online labelling and targeting responsibly, to user-generated content, this module provides an essential overview for brands, influencers and anyone involved in creating content for their organisation’s social channels. 

What does the module cover?

  • Remit of the Advertising Codes - This section explains how the advertising rules apply to different types of social media communications, including the use of affiliates and user-generated content
  • Recognition of advertising - This section covers the important rules for labelling posts on social media and for producing advertorial content
  • Promotions and responsible targeting - This section will covers the rules you need to know for running promotions on social media, as well as the rules for advertising age-restricted products

For more information on the module, visit our eLearning site.

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