Responding to Dame Janet Paraskeva's independent audit of our performance

In April 2017, we welcomed the publication in full of Dame Janet Paraskeva’s independent audit of our performance against our Commitment to Good Regulation.

The ASA is committed to delivering high standards in its work, to continuous improvement in its approach to regulation, to listening to others and to challenging itself to evolve so it retains the confidence of those we regulate. That’s why we commissioned the independent audit.

Dame Janet’s findings confirmed that the ASA is a “successful regulator” which is “fit for purpose”, is “a modern online regulator with efficient systems” and has an Independent Review process that “works efficiently”. We were pleased to note that she found that we have the support of advertisers in general, but also have in place appropriate systems and protocols that demonstrate independence from that same industry.

Nevertheless, as a confident regulator that is unafraid to seek and act on feedback, we recognise we can always improve. We’ve therefore welcomed the opportunity to carefully consider and, where appropriate, respond to the 30 recommendations that Dame Janet made. We are now ready to share this work and are pleased to present our formal response to 29 of the 30 recommendations she made.

You can read our responses here, and see our Commitment to Good Regulation in full.

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