Misleading and Irresponsible Advertising: Anthony Grant t/a breaks UK advertising rules for making misleading medical claims for a “Resonator” electronic bio-resonance device on the website. The Problems include claims that the device could destroy viruses, specifically COVID-19; claims which in turn discourage essential treatment for COVID-19 and irresponsible claims that the device can be used in place of vaccines.

The ASA investigated two complaints, one from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) and one from a member of the public, about’s advertising on the website and an ad on the Facebook page.

The ASA understood that the Resonator was not a CE-marked medical device, therefore no medical claims could be made for the product. The ASA was not provided with any evidence to support the medical claims and also considered that COVID-19 was a condition for which medical supervision should be sought, and therefore advice, diagnosis or treatment needed to be conducted under the supervision of a suitably qualified medical professional. The ASA therefore considered that the ads could discourage essential medical treatment. The ASA also ruled that the implied claims that the product was an alternative to vaccines were irresponsible.

The CAP Compliance team contacted Anthony Grant but, in the absence of an assurance to amend to comply with the ruling, took the decision on 9 July 2021 to place his company details on this section of the ASA website.

Because of Anthony Grant's continued non-compliance, we took the decision on 26 March 2024 to reissue these details on this section of the ASA website.

These details shall remain in place until such time as Anthony Grant t/a has appropriately amended the website to comply with the CAP Code.

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