Ad:Check is our schools resource for teachers of Citizenship, English, PSHE and Media at Key Stage 3 & 4. 


It offers teachers lesson plans, activities and supporting materials to help students think critically about why advertising needs to be regulated.

Shock tactics are often used in advertising by charities, governments and campaign groups to raise awareness of a cause or to raise funds. This raises an interesting question of how far it is justifiable to push the boundaries. 

‘Big question three’, the final part of the Ad:Check resource (which also covers Big question one and Big question two), explores with students whether and how a diverse and democratic society should “manage” or “police” harm, offence and social responsibility in advertising. 

Throughout the two lessons, students will have the opportunity to:

  • engage critically with a range of advertising
  • discuss topical and controversial issues
  • analyse ads to examine the impact on their audience
  • explore and respond to ideas and beliefs other than their own
  • speak and write to argue and persuade

Supporting lesson resources

View the video and download the resources below for supporting examples of ads:

  ASA education resources Big Q3 Resource 1.ppt  
  ASA education resources non-broadcast ad bank.pptx  

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