Ad:Check is our schools resource for teachers of Citizenship, English, PSHE and Media at Key Stage 3 & 4. 


It offers teachers lesson plans, activities and supporting materials to help students think critically about why advertising needs to be regulated.

The size of the UK market for products aimed at children and young people is large and growing. Children and young people often have an influence on family spending, including over what goods are bought for the home as well as products they want to own for themselves.

‘Big question two’, the second part of the Ad:Check resource (which also covers Big question one and Big question three), explores to what extent children and young people are influenced by advertising. It gives students opportunities to:

  • clarify their own values and attitudes towards advertising 
  • examine some of their own spending habits
  • discuss ASA rulings relating to children and advertising
  • explore what the limits are on what children and young people can see
  • consider whether young consumers need protection and what the dangers are of little or no protection

Supporting lesson resources

View the video and download the Powerpoint presentation below for supporting examples of ads:

ASA education resources Big Q2 Resource.ppt  

ASA education resources non-broadcast ad bank.pptx


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