Ad:Check is our schools resource for teachers of Citizenship, English, PSHE and Media at Key Stage 3 & 4. 


It offers teachers lesson plans, activities and supporting materials to help students think critically about why advertising needs to be regulated.

‘Big question one’, the first section of the Ad:Check resource (which also covers Big question two and Big question three) explores how far advertising informs and entertains people, its importance for economic growth, and the right of citizens not to be misled, harmed or offended. 

Throughout the two lessons, students will have opportunities to:

  • explore the nature and purpose of advertising and why it needs to be regulated
  • become familiar with the ASA’s remit and its powers
  • become familiar with where the Codes governing advertising come from
  • write and speak to argue and persuade
  • distinguish between fact and opinion
  • develop a critical understanding of some of the verbal and visual language of advertising
  • write in support of, or opposition to, a real-life ASA case study
  • draft an ad for the ASA

Supporting lesson resources

View the video and download the PowerPoint presentations below for supporting examples of ads:

  ASA education resources Big Q1 Lesson 1 Activity 2.pptx

  ASA education resources non-broadcast ad bank.pptx


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