In a world first, the ASA and some of the largest companies in the digital advertising supply chain are announcing a Pilot extending the ASA’s role online.  

The Pilot, which will run for one year from June 2022, is the result of a collaboration between the ASA and members of IAB UK (a member of the Committee of Advertising Practice), including Adform, Amazon Ads, Google, Meta, TikTok, Twitter and Yahoo, with the potential for more to follow. It will explore putting on a more formal footing, and bringing consistency to, the ways in which these companies cooperate with the ASA to promote advertisers’ awareness of the rules online and to help the ASA to secure compliance in cases when an advertiser refuses to amend or withdraw an ad that breaks the rules.

Find out more about the Pilot and these Principles on our Intermediary and Platform Principles landing page.

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