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  • Alcohol: Low alcohol drinks

    • Advice online

    Ads for alcoholic drinks may give factual information about the strength of the product. In the … case of low-alcohol drinks, those that contain between 0.5% and 1.2% alcohol by volume, these may also … be presented as preferable because of their low alcoholic strength. However, marketers must still

  • Alcohol: Alcoholic strength

    • Advice online

    Ads for alcoholic drinks may give factual information about the strength of the product but must … not imply that a drink may be preferred because of its high alcohol content or intoxicating effect. In … . Advertisers should remember that the only permitted nutrition claims for alcoholic drinks are “Low

  • Alcohol: General

    • Advice online

    In October 2005, CAP brought in new, stricter, rules about the marketing of alcoholic drinks. The … drinking and anti-social behaviour, especially among the young. Marketers of alcoholic drinks were always … ; people shown drinking are not behaving in an adolescent or juvenile way; alcohol ads do not

  • Alcohol: Violence

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    Marketers must  avoid linking, explicitly or otherwise, alcohol and violence. As well as breaking … the Alcohol section of the Code, it is likely that such marketing communications also break the more … scratches were a result of violence and that it was irresponsible to link an alcoholic product with

  • Alcohol: Promotional marketing

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    The CAP Code contains specific sections on both promotional marketing and alcohol and while … promotions involving alcohol are not inherently problematic in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (for … information on alcohol promotions in Scotland see below), promoters need to take care to ensure that

  • Alcohol: Featuring under 25s

    • Advice online

    Ads which feature alcohol are prohibited from showing in a significant role people who are, or … appear to be, under the age of 25. Although ads featuring alcohol may in some cases show people … about to drink and implying that anyone under 25 endorses an alcoholic product is very unlikely to

  • Alcohol: Handling and serving

    • Advice online

    Ads featuring alcohol must not show it being handled or served irresponsibly. This relates not only … the serving of alcohol being treated very casually and with little regard is unlikely to be acceptable … (Bacardi-Martini Ltd, January 2005). Showing alcohol being poured from two bottles into large glasses

  • Alcohol: Use of celebrities

    • Advice online

    alcohol with people under 18 or reflecting their culture. They must not feature or portray real or … the ASA ruled against it (Cell Drinks, 3 August 2011). See Alcohol: Enhanced sporting, mental and physical capabilities and Alcohol: The young

  • Alcohol: Boredom and loneliness

    • Advice online

    Rule 18.6 states “Marketing communications must not imply that alcohol might be indispensable … or take priority in life or that drinking alcohol can overcome boredom, loneliness or other … obviously unacceptable, as are ads that irresponsibly emphasise the importance of alcohol, or suggest that

  • Alcohol: Therapeutic claims

    • Advice online

    The Code states that "Marketing communications must not imply that alcohol has therapeutic … qualities. Alcohol should not be portrayed as capable of changing mood, physical condition or behaviour … alcohol is a stimulant, claims such as “energising” are likely to be unacceptable. In 2000

  • Alcohol: The young

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    The Code prohibits alcohol ads from being directed at under-18s through the selection of media … intended to market alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age (LDA), the ASA considered a claim … forth-coming 18th birthday. Even though the mailing was not inviting the recipient to consume alcohol

  • Alcohol: Country of origin

    • Advice online

    alcoholic drink. In 2011 an ad for Kronenbourg lager stated "FROM THE COUNTRY THAT BELIEVES IN THE

  • Alcohol: Social events

    • Advice online

    Although drinkers may obviously be shown in a group setting and alcohol can be conveyed as a … legitimate accompaniment to a social occasion, marketers should not unduly emphasise the role alcohol … might play. If an otherwise dull party becomes a social triumph as a result of alcohol, the ad will

  • Alcohol Advertising Survey 2009

    • Research / Report / Survey

    Reports and surveys looking at alcohol ads and whether they are sticking to the alcohol advertising rules.

    Reports and surveys looking at the number of ads that are sticking to the alcohol advertising rules … , including surveys dating back to 2006 examining the compliance of alcohol advertising across

  • Alcohol advertising consultation (BCAP)

    • Consultations

    BCAP consults on guidance to support amended alcohol rules and considers changes to alcohol rule on health and dietary claims.

    In response to the Government’s Alcohol Reduction Harm Strategy, Ofcom amended a number of … the TV advertising rules for alcohol advertising.   Following this, Ofcom contracted-out … help interpret and apply the revised alcohol rules.   Ofcom’s amendments to the rules

  • Alcohol: Unwise or excessive consumption

    • Advice online

    The principle behind the Alcohol rules is to ensure that marketing communications do not imply … 18.1 ads featuring alcohol, whether for an alcoholic product or not, should not contain anything … must not show, imply or condone excessive drinking and this applies to both the amount of alcohol and

  • Alcohol: Unwise locations and activities

    • Advice online

    Ads featuring alcohol should not irresponsibly link it with activities or locations in which … drinking would be unsafe or unwise. In particular, they must not link alcohol with the use of potentially … drinking alcohol at work. As with other rules in the Alcohol section, this applies whenever alcohol is

  • Guidance on alcohol TV advertising

    • Advertising guidance

    BCAP guidance on how to comply with rules on TV alcohol advertising.

    Ads for alcoholic drinks must not feature, imply, condone or encourage irresponsible or immoderate … other rules in the alcohol section of the BCAP Code that address specific kinds of behaviour.

  • Alcohol: Challenges bravery and machismo.

    • Advice online

    Marketers should not link an alcohol product or drinking alcohol with brave, tough or, daring … by rule 18.4. Suggestions that an alcohol product or drinking alcohol is a sign of maturity or … rough, cold conditions breached the Code because it featured alcohol and potentially dangerous

  • Alcohol: Irreverent or laddish behaviour

    • Advice online

    mentally or socially vulnerable”; the next rule relates to linking alcohol with unruly … immature behaviour (Beverage Brands (UK) Ltd, 9 June 2004). An ad on an alcohol brands YouTube page … the ad stated “Rockstar service”. A complainant objected as they considered that alcohol