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Our purpose and strategy

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is the UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all media.

Our purpose and ambition

Our purpose is to make advertisements responsible and our ambition is to make every UK ad a responsible ad.

What we do is important

We’re passionate about what we do because responsible advertisements are good for people, society and advertisers.

How we make every ad a responsible ad through our strategy

ASA 5 year strategy flower large

The five strands of our strategy

1 Understanding: We’ll be an authority on advertising and active on issues that cause societal concern.  We’ll be open to calls for regulatory change, acting purposefully and in a timely fashion, while being fair and balanced in our assessment of the evidence and arguments

2 Support: We’ll provide support to advertisers to help them create responsible ads. We’ll increase, improve and better target our advice and training so every business has access to the information and support it needs

3 Impact: We’ll spend more time on matters that make the biggest difference. Focussing on our existing remit, we’ll spend less time tackling ads that cause little detriment to consumers or on the vulnerable. But, where a complaint indicates that the rules have been broken, we will always do something

4 Proactive: We’ll be proactive and work with others. We’ll use a wide range of information to identify and tackle problems to make sure ads are responsible, even if we haven’t officially received a complaint.

5 Awareness: We’ll increase awareness of the ASA and CAP. We will make sure that the public, civil society and the industry know who we are and what we can do, so they can engage with us when they need to, and have confidence in our work. 

Read our detailed strategy document, which outlines the case for change. 

Our shared values are to be:

- Consistent and proportionate
- Reliable and ethical
- Fair and respectful to all
- Accessible and helpful
- Intelligent and thorough, but also timely and proportionate
- Open and accountable, acting with integrity and never being afraid to admit when we’re wrong
- An excellent team, inspiring excellence in each other

Our external stakeholders will also find us:

  • Independent in administering the Advertising Codes 
  • Evidence-based, targeted and consistent 
  • Reflective of society, not a social engineer 

Annual Report archive

Fully searchable pdfs of ASA Annual Reports going back to 1961 are now available.

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