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Search our five year archive of adjudications below by different criteria. You do not have to complete all the fields.

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  • The Keywords field allows you to search using Boolean operators, e.g “”, *, AND, OR, NOT etc. Please note the Advertiser and Agency fields do not accept Boolean operators so please enter the exact search terms within these fields.
  • Using speech marks within the Keywords field will return the exact phrase within the speech marks, e.g. “gambling rules” will return all adjudications containing the phrase “gambling rules”.
  • The * operator is a wildcard and can be used after a search term within the Keywords field. So "gam*” will return results with keywords beginning with “gam” , e.g. gambling, gaming, etc. 
  • Within the Keywords field using the AND operator will return results where the keyword contains all of the terms entered (e.g. gambling AND alcohol), OR will return results where the keyword contains either of the terms (e.g. gambling OR alcohol), and NOT will return results where the keyword field contains one term but not the other (e.g. gambling NOT alcohol). 
  • If you are using the Code Clauses option as your search criteria, and wish to enter more than one Code Clause, please use ";" as a separator (for example: 3.1;5.1)
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Rulings (0)

Informally Resolved Cases (1)

After consideration by the ASA of complaints received, the following companies and organisations agreed to amend or withdraw advertising without the need for a formal investigation:

Advertiser Date Number of Complaints Media Sector
Parfums Christian Dior (UK) Ltd t/a Dior 20 June 2012 1 Magazine Health and beauty

Mail Order Cases (0)

The ASA has investigated complaints about the non-receipt of mail-order or sales promotion goods or refunds from these companies, which have now agreed to supply those goods or refunds.

Database Cases (0)

The ASA has taken action about the obtaining, processing, management and use of personal information for the purposes of marketing products and services to the public through targeted and personalised mail by the following companies and organisations:

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