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Cross border complaints

If your complaint is about an advertisement that originated from a country outside the UK, then it will be treated as a cross-border complaint. This means that the ASA will refer the complaint, through EASA, to the regulator in the country where the ad originated. Like other complaints to the ASA, cross-border complaints are handled free of charge.

The ASA has a designated Cross-Border Complaints Executive who will keep in contact with you throughout the complaints process.

Which countries are included?

Currently, self-regulatory bodies representing 24 European countries are members of the EASA:

Austria  Luxembourg  
Belgium  The Netherlands  
Bulgaria Poland  
Czech Republic Portugal  
Finland Romania  
France Slovakia  
Germany Slovenia  
Greece Spain  
Hungary Sweden  
Ireland Switzerland  
Italy Turkey  
Lithuania United Kingdom  

How do I complain about an ad from outside Europe?

The following countries all have links with EASA and we can refer on a complaint to the regulator in that country:

Australia India  
Brazil New Zealand  
Canada South Africa  

How do I complain about an ad from a country that has no links with EASA?

The ASA can in some instances still act on complaints about ads which come from countries with no links to EASA. Where it is not possible to refer the complaint, if the marketing communication is directly targeting UK consumers (i.e. hosting a website, displaying UK contact details, or prices in £’s) the ASA will take steps to act on the complaint. Although we will do our best to resolve the issue, our powers are limited when it comes to ads outside our jurisdiction.

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