In an ever more globalised and interconnected world, UK consumers increasingly see advertising in foreign media and receive direct marketing that originates outside the UK.

We’ll do what we can to help tackle problems with that advertising and direct marketing, if necessary working with relevant authorities in the countries from which they originate.

To help us do that, and to help promote responsible advertising in Europe and beyond, we play an active role in these two international networks:


European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA)

We are a founding member of EASA, the single voice of advertising self-regulation in Europe. Based in Brussels, EASA brings together national advertising self-regulatory authorities and organisations representing the advertising industry in Europe. EASA’s role is to encourage best practice and common high standards in advertising self-regulation, taking into account national cultural, legal and commercial differences. It also co-ordinates cross-border complaints with its members, to make sure they are resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. 

You can find out more about EASA on its website.


International Council for Ad Self-Regulation (ICAS)

We are also a founding member of ICAS, which promotes effective advertising self-regulation globally. ICAS members include advertising self-regulatory authorities and other national, regional and international bodies, including EASA, to ensure that advertising and other marketing communications are legal, decent, honest and truthful.

ICAS will facilitate the setting-up of new advertising self-regulatory authorities in emerging markets, help empower them and provide a platform to discuss and work on solutions to the global challenges faced by the advertising industry worldwide.

Find out more about ICAS on its website.