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CAP understands that the theory behind Crystal Therapy is that it adjusts a patients’ aura and that the technique has healing powers.

In 2013, the ASA considered claims on a website which implied that crystals could be used to help heal a number of health conditions including Alzheimer’s, Asperger’s, asthma, depression and heart conditions. The advertiser accepted that they did not hold clinical evidence to support the claims being made and the ASA subsequently ruled that the ad was misleading (Spirit Walker Crystals, 17 April 2013).

Similarly, an ad which made a general reference to the “healing power” of crystals was found to be misleading because clinical evidence was not available to support such a claim (Octopus Publishing Group, 19 October 2005).

Because the ASA and CAP have yet to see any evidence to support claims that Crystal Therapy has a healing effect, marketers are advised that they should hold rigorous clinical substantiation before making any efficacy claims about the therapy.

Guidance on Health Therapies and Evidence QA (Sept 2011)

Updated 18 April 2016

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