In addition to the rules, we also have an extensive amount of guidance and advice on numerous topics on our website, including environmental claims.

CAP has put together Advertising Guidance that is intended to help marketers and agencies interpret CAP and BCAP’s rules that concern environment-related advertising issues. This guidance looks at various topics including the basis of claims, the clarity of terms and the substantiation required for claims, among other topics that marketers should be aware of. The guidance also includes examples of formal ASA rulings on these topics, and was last updated in February 2023. The latest changes are summarised in this update article.

Our new e-learning module on Climate Change and the Environment covers the fundamental principles that advertisers need to be aware of when making environmental claims, or when their ads include depictions of their environmental impact. It includes 'case studies' of recent ads that have breached the rules.

Our Advice Online articles explain how the Code rules apply in practice. These articles are written using plain language, to help make it easy for advertisers to understand the rules, and often feature previous rulings which have significance to the topics and will set precedent. They are currently in the process of being reviewed and updated.

Some of the articles that deal with environmental issues are –

Further advice

As mentioned above, we have lots of advice in this area for advertisers, and we have been ruling on environmental claims in advertising for decades. But we appreciate that this area is constantly changing. So if the information below doesn’t cover the specific environmental claim that you wish to make and you want to check if it is within the rules, do get in touch with the Copy Advice team who can provide free, swift advice. These claims matter.