The Earth’s climate emergency and environmental crisis is a global issue that impacts all areas of society, and therefore every organisation has a role to play in shaping the future of our planet. This is why we’ve launched our own Climate Change and the Environment project.

You can find out more about what is happening by following the project update links below as well as further links to rulings, advice and news.

Why have we undertaken the project?

Issues such as climate change, deforestation, pollution, dwindling natural resources and a disastrous loss of biodiversity demonstrates the growing evidence of the damage being done to our climate. In recent times, it appears society has woken up to the scale of the crisis and is demanding tougher action. With this in mind, our strategy commits us to exploring the role that advertising regulation can play in responding to the climate change emergency and environmental challenge.

What have we been doing?

See our detailed update on this project work, from June 2022.  

This was followed by the publication of our research findings on consumer understanding of environmental claims in October 2022.  

These findings have informed our updated Advertising Guidance on The environment: misleading claims and social responsibility in advertising

We also launched our brand new e-learning module on Climate Change and the Environment, which covers the fundamental principles that advertisers need to be aware of when making environmental claims, or when their ads include depictions of their environmental impact.