This Advertising Guidance sets out the importance of ensuring ads for short-term, high-interest loans are socially responsible and do not trivialise the seriousness of taking out a loan.

The guidance includes information on the ways in which ads for such loans may be considered irresponsible, for example by placing undue emphasis on the speed and ease of access to a loan, the promotion of a loan for non-essential purchases or as a solution to financial difficulties.  It provides examples of spending that is likely to be considered non-essential and frivolous, including for holidays, a shopping trip or night out, and those likely to be considered essential, such as to fix a broken boiler or car.

The guidance also provides advice on the risk of ads being disproportionately jolly, light-hearted or humorous and elements or creative treatments which have the potential to distract from the seriousness of the decision to apply for a loan.

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