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Reports & research

Reports and researchThe ASA regularly carries out sector surveys of the advertising we regulate to check compliance with the Codes. We also conduct research amongst the public to help inform our work. You can access copies of these reports here.

Research that is five or more years old can be found in the Archived reports and research section.

Compliance reports

The ASA’s Compliance reports help ensure that rulings with sector-wide implications are adhered to by advertisers. This research is usually targeted towards sensitive areas or those that have a history of problems, and allows us to anticipate trends and identify potential problems.

  • 2014 Consumer experiences of copycat websites - research into the public’s experience of ‘copycat websites’, as part of our on-going commitment to protecting consumers from misleading advertising.
  • 2013 Children and advertising on social media websites - A new ASA survey commissioned to find out what ads young people see and engage with online, and whether those ads stick to the UK advertising rules, suggests that the majority of young people are registering on sites using false ages.
  • 2012 Online Advertising Survey - the ASA’s Compliance team has undertaken this survey to determine the compliance rate of marketing claims on companies’ own websites and in other non-paid-for space online under their control. The same survey was conducted in 2011, and this survey serves as a comparison against it.
  • 2011 Online Advertising Survey - A survey conducted across a range of company websites in eight broad sectors, in the two months before the ASA’s remit was extended to include companies’ marketing claims on their own websites. It will serve as a benchmark survey against which the 2012 follow-up survey will be compared.
  • Gambling Advertising Survey 2010 - A survey of ads from the gambling sector appearing in the media in July 2010, showing a compliance rate of 96.1%.
  • Alcohol Advertising Survey 2009 - A sample survey of alcohol ads appearing across media in the pre-Christmas period 2009, revealing a compliance rate of 99.7%.
  • Food and Soft Drink Advertising Survey 2009 - An assessment of over 1,000 ads during October 2009 appearing across media, to measure their compliance with the content rules relating to food and soft drink advertising.
  • Health and Beauty Products and Therapies Advertisements Survey 2009 - A survey of broadcast and non-broadcast ads for health and beauty products and therapies, completed in February 2009.

Stakeholder consultation event reports

These reports provide summaries of events and consultations which the ASA undertakes with its stakeholders.

Research reports

The ASA, in conjunction with other media regulators, undertakes a wide range of research reports amongst the public and academics to ensure that we are reflecting the public’s standards in our rulings.

ASA Rulings

View our latest weekly ASA Rulings or search for rulings from the last five years.

Dealing with complaints - FAQs

We work hard to ensure our complaints procedures are transparent. Here we answer some commonly asked questions about how we handle complaints.

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Non-compliant online advertisers

Check the list of online advertisers who remain in breach of our rulings.

Press Zone

This section is for journalists only. Here you will be able to access embargoed material, breaking news and briefing papers as well as profile details for the ASA press office.