In this 2009 consultation CAP conducts a major review of its Code to ensure the rules for non-broadcast advertisements, sales promotion and direct marketing communications are up-to-date and fit for purpose.  The Code was last reviewed over five years prior to this and, while it changed in that time in response to changes in society, for example to reflect changes in law or to address socio-political matters, it was otherwise unchanged.

CAP’s general policy objective is to ensure that all non-broadcast marketing communications covered by the CAP Code are legal, decent, honest and truthful and prepared with a due sense of social and professional responsibility. CAP intends its Code to be based on the enduring principles that marketing communications should not mislead, harm or offend. A CAP objective is to ensure that the Code adequately protects children and others whose circumstances seem to CAP to put them in need of special protection, yet retains an environment in which responsible advertising can flourish. CAP intends its rules to be transparent, accountable, proportionate, consistent and targeted only where regulation is needed. They are written so that they are easily understood, easily implemented and easily enforced.

CAP proposes to add to, delete, replace or amend existing rules in line with its general policy objectives. But proposed changes to the existing Code are the exception and not the norm; most of CAP’s proposed Code rules includes standards established in the present Code. These have stood the test of time and continue to offer necessary protection for the public and a level playing field for industry.

The new CAP Code was published in March 2010. Relevant documents along with all non-confidential responses to the consultation and our evaluation of them are included here. 

Supporting documents:

  CAP Code review Annex 1.pdf
  CAP Code review Addendum.pdf
  CAP Code review Annex 2.pdf
  CAP Code review Annex 3.doc
  CAP Code review new Codes overview.pdf


Evaluation tables:

  CAP Evaluation Section 1 Compliance.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 2 Recognition of advertising.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 3 Misleading.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 4 Harm and Offence.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 5 Children.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 6 Privacy.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 7 Political Advertisements.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 8 Sales Promotions.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 9 Distance Selling.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 10 Database Practice.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 11 Environmental Claims.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 12 Medicines.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 13 Weight Control and Slimming.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 14 Financial Products.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 15 Food.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Sections 16 and 17 Gambling and Lotteries.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 18 Alcohol.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 19 Motoring.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 20 Employment Homework Schemes and Business Opportunities.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 21 Tobacco, Rolling Papers and Filters.pdf
  CAP Evaluation Section 22 Other Comments.pdf



  CAP Code review Business Responses A-E.pdf
  CAP Code review Business Responses F-P.pdf
  CAP Code review Business Responses Q-Z.pdf

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