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Non-compliant online advertisers

We expect all advertising online to be legal, decent, honest and truthful.  Here we list traders who continue to make claims on their online sites that do not comply with the UK Advertising Code despite repeated requests for changes from our Compliance teams.

Details of each non-conforming trader will remain in place until they have appropriately amended their marketing in line with the Advertising Code, at which point they will be removed.

If our self-regulatory sanctions have not brought an advertiser into line and they are unwilling or unable to follow our rules, the ASA can and will refer them to Trading Standards. See our Trading Standards enforcement leaflet for examples of the sanctions available to our legal backstop, Trading Standards.

If you are a website owner, advertiser or agency and would like help and advice about your online advertising please visit CAP’s advice site.


Advertiser NameTrading AsProduct NameDate Listed
Uber Sonic Club toothbrush refill subscription06 February 2017
Abscissa.Com LtdJokers Masquerade Fancy Dress03 February 2017 Batteries26 January 2017 and food supplements23 January 2017
The Beauty CompanyThe Beauty CompanyHealth Treatment07 December 2016
Sky forwarding service24 November 2016
Darren forwarding service16 November 2016
Mind Body Balance Studio Mind Body BalanceLive Blood Analysis12 October 2016
Water for Health supplements12 October 2016
Complete Energy Europe LtdComplete Energy EuropegRAD20 September 2016
Them and Us UK Ltdrobertcroucher.comConsultancy06 September 2016
D.C.K. Concessions LtdQu-Chi.comAcupressure armband25 August 2016
A.R Recruitment Consultancy Ltdwww.softskillscourses.comOnline training courses 24 August 2016
Rio Tanning tablets24 August 2016
Salann therapy 18 July 2016
NashPharma BVProstaWell ProstaWell Food Supplement 05 July 2016
ESTA“Copycat” website28 June 2016
Vectra Web Solutions“Copycat” website28 June 2016
Barbara SzymanskaESTA USA Waiver“Copycat” website28 June 2016
ETA and E-Visa“Copycat” website22 June 2016
Marcos Pavlides ReflexologyReflexions – The Reflexology ShopReflexology27 April 2016
AB Ugg Boots OriginalAB Ugg BootsUgg Boots19 April 2016
Gerad Kite Clinicwww.geradkite.comAcupuncture08 April 2016
The Comedy Club club tickets15 March 2016
The Women’s CentreThe Women’s CentrePost Conception Advice 03 March 2016
Hire A hire27 January 2016
Cocowhite Ltdwww.cocowhite.comCocoWhite oil16 December 2015
Marie Atlas Therapy30 November 2015
Qandies November 2015
Silverline Physio LtdSilverline PhysioHijama/cupping therapy09 November 2015
Thermalogica Health ScreeningThermalogica Health ScreeningThermal imaging/Thermography27 October 2015
Global Barcodes SLThe Barcodes Shop Barcodes02 October 2015
Lotusclinic.netLotus ClinicAcupuncture15 September 2015
CP Reifen Trading GmbHTyreleaderTyres03 September 2015
Teddington HomeopathyTeddington HomeopathyCEASE therapy27 August 2015
Comfort Click Ltdshytobuy.ukVigRX07 August 2015
Allergy and Asthma LtdThe Salt CaveSalt therapy06 August 2015
Emaan Travel LtdCheap Flights CornerFlights22 July 2015
Holistic Energy Advanced Learning LtdAllergy Testing UKAllergy and food intolerance testing05 June 2015
Raymond Brownwww.raybrownhealing.comSpiritual Healer19 May 2015
Original Quinton UK LtdOriginal Quinton UKQuinton Isotonic, Quinton Hypertonic, Quinton Ocular Spray, Quinton Nasal Spray, Quinton Dermal Spray28 April 2015
Lionheart GBThe Patriot StoreClothing01 April 2015
Magnacare UKwww.magnacareuk.comMagnetic Field Therapy01 April 2015
World of AccessoriesWorld of AccessoriesElectrical accessories10 March 2015
Novum Publishing gmbhUnited P.C. PublisherPublishing 02 March 2015
Britannia Campaigning LtdBritain FirstClothing17 September 2014
LadyCare Lifetime Limitedwww.ladycaremenopause.comMagnotherapy08 September 2014
Premier EventsPremier EventsTicket Agent24 April 2014
Ticket4FootballTicket4FootballTicket Agent24 April 2014 LtdThree ChingsSecondary Ticket Agency04 October 2013
Sea-Band LtdSea-Band LtdAcupressure Bands24 July 2013

How to comply with the rules

For advice and training on the Advertising Codes please visit the CAP website.

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