I would like to know more about the CAP Codes and who writes them

The Advertising Codes are written and maintained by two industry bodies, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP). You can visit the about us page on our website to find out more information.

Or, to read the Advertising Codes in full, please visit the Advertising Codes section.

I would like to know more about CAP's current consultations and those they carried out in the past

You can find out more about current and past CAP consultations by visiting our consultations page.

Further information about the process is also available on our how we consult page.

I am having problems registering with CAP and need some help

If you are having problems registering with our website or have not received a link to reset your password, please contact our website help desk using the form below. 

I could not find my reason for enquiry in any of the previous sections

If you were unable to find your reason for enquiry in any of the previous sections please use the form below to contact us. 

Please be aware if your enquiry can be found elsewhere on the site yet you choose to use this method to contact us, it may take us longer to reply to you. Also, we do not accept complaints about ads via this method and if you would like to make a complaint about an ad you've seen or heard, you should use our online complaints form.

If you use the form below to submit a complaint about an ad, or to find out the status of a complaint you have already made, you will not receive a response.

If you already have a named contact at the ASA who is dealing with a complaint you have made, you should always try and get in touch with them, about any query you may have, in the first instance. If you're having any trouble with the form, you can email us at [email protected]


Please note, we do not accept complaints about ads via this form. If you'd like us to look into your concerns about an ad, please use our complaint form.